RED’S kitchen philosophy supports the farm-to-table movement with a focus on local sourcing and the use of natural, unprocessed ingredients.  Our cuisine blends classic and modern preparation techniques specializing in European and Pan-Mediterranean flavor profiles.

Chefs & Co-Owners Max Reeves and Ryan Connors offer catering, personal chef, and mobile food services throughout Rhode Island as well as parts of Massachusetts and Connecticut.  The two met while working at the acclaimed “Radius” restaurant in Boston.  Together, they are bringing a passion for cooking and years of fine dining experience to the streets of New England.

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Max Reeves

Chef Max Reeves, a Rhode Island native, worked for several years at acclaimed restaurants in Chicago, Boston and throughout New England, including time under James Beard winning Chefs at No. 9 Park and Radius in Boston. 
Max began as a short order cook for Newport Creamery.  From there, he went on to work at the Newport Marriott Hotel in a variety of roles including offsite catering to the Newport Mansions.  During this time, he also attended culinary school, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in culinary nutrition from Johnson & Wales University in Providence.  
Upon graduating, Max interned at Massachusetts General Hospital’s dietary department and became a registered dietitian in 2005. Max then made a move to Chicago to work with dietitian Julie Burns, owner of SportFuel, Inc., an integrative sports nutrition practice.  Burns was a pioneer of the gluten-free movement and is a fierce advocate of farm-to-table foods and pasture-raised animals.  Under Julie, he would work with professional athletes from almost every sport including tennis, track and field, and numerous local sports teams including the Chicago Bears, White Sox, and Blackhawks.

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Ryan Connors

Chef Ryan Connors was born in San Diego, California.  Growing up as a navy brat, he moved frequently, which brought him to many different regions of the country — each with their own types of foods and flavor profiles. Ever growing his palate and awareness of other cultures and their traditions, Ryan felt the restaurant industry calling him at a young age.
Throughout his teens he would work in random sandwich and pizza shops. After a 5-year hiatus as a bartender Ryan wanted back in the kitchen. He moved to Oregon to attend culinary school. Later dropping out after being encouraged to do so by a number of chefs he was interviewing for different school projects. Connors felt that he could learn the culinary trade on the job and save a good deal of money in the process. 
Connors immediately started his own curriculum traveling to a number of big city culinary meccas to stage and work for the best chefs possible. San Francisco, Boston, Newport, Savannah, NYC, and LA became his training ground. In that time, he would work for 6 James Beard Award winning chefs.
His most recent undertaking was at the Sapphire Grill in Savannah, GA as Chef de Cuisine.  There he would hone his craft and truly find his voice and flavor, which he calls Pan-Mediterranean. You’ll find influences of Spanish, French, Greek, North African and Middle Eastern.  Bold, clean flavors focusing on spices and herbs.